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12 Strange ways to Make Money on Fiverr

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“I will scream for 20 seconds loudly for $5.” Sounds weird?

Okay so how about this? “I will break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend for you for only 5 bucks.” Wait, what?

You can see these strange services being marketed on the freelancing platform Fiverr. Everybody has got some talent, which waits for some opportunity to exhibit itself, and Fiverr is giving that opportunity to every atypical, bizarre and effortless talent to come out.

So, are you good at making friends? Or giving opinions? Or just good at staring at walls? Fiverr is probably for you!

Here is a list of twelve of the strangest ways people have come up with to make money on Fiverr.

1- I Will Sing a Song for Your Girlfriend in Arabic

Are you looking for ways to cheer up your angry girlfriend? How about asking a pretty Arab girl to sing a romantic song specifically for your soul mate?

All you need to do is spend $10 and watch how this talented young woman surprises your better half with her stunning vocals! This sweet act of love is bound to leave your partner awestruck! If you have run out of gift ideas for her birthday, you could present this song as a token of your love.


2- Wish Happy Birthday at Taj Mahal

This guy arjunrocks is actually rocking Fiverr with his unique service wishing birthdays at Taj Mahal, and that too only for $5. Well, who doesn’t want to get wishes that are made at the “symbol of love”? Just send your special message in 30-50 words and he will do the rest.

He also makes HD videos for a few additional bucks. He is on top of the list on Fiverr with 99% ratings. Go check him out now!


3- I Will Make You As A South Park Character

Remember ‘South Park’ – our favorite childhood TV show?

Well, now you can turn yourself into a south park character with the help of this fantastic gig. All you need to do is to contact danielbra801, and he will use his outstanding Photoshop skills to turn your very own picture into a stunning South Park character!


4- Promote your brand/page with thousand followers

Did you just start your business and need advertisement, but don’t have enough money?

Do you want to get noticed on social media with thousands of people? Advertising is essential these days, not to mention expensive too. But this isn’t a problem anymore, because the web marketing specialist guy will do it for you for only $5. Isn’t it interesting?

Moreover, he will advertise all kinds of content on his Facebook page for 3 days. Almost more than 500 customers show satisfaction in his products.


5- Celebrity impression (search for a guy with mike or just mike)

Are you looking for a celebrity impressionist? Voiceover artist, who can do (perform) Morgan Freeman? The favorite Joker? Liam Neeson and more?

If your answer is yes, then this hilarious gig is made for you. Charlie, the seller, will provide one reading of your choice of up to 25 words only in a single gig of  $10, which he delivers in two weeks. If two weeks are too long for you, he can deliver in seven days for $80 extra.


6- I will prank call anyone

Mister Wonderful is on Fiverr to make your day wonderful for some bucks. He is a prankster, one who can make prank calls for you. It is not a bad idea to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you or not or just prank your family and friends for fun.

Mister Wonderful can do (perform) 100+ different voices and accent.

He claims, “You’ll be coming back again, and again, and again!!” With a huge number of ratings, he would definitely be your first choice to hire.


7- I will make a wish come true

There was a time when people wanted a genie to grant their wishes. Now meet Gabonne, a Romanian guy on Fiverr who isn’t less than a genie for some customers. No, he can’t actually grant wishes but makes a wish to come true for you.

According to him, he has discovered ancient secret techniques after thirty years of study, practice, and meditation. If you want your wish to come true, why not try his gig and see if it actually works.

With more than 1,000 five stars received by Mr. Gabonne, there is something mystically unique being offered at only 5 bucks.


8- Write a short message in the froth of a cup of cappuccino

If you’re planning to surprise your lover this valentine and thinking of spending money on chocolates and flowers, you can probably spend extra $5 on this gig, too.

Well, it is not only for lovers, but for others as well. According to this top rated seller, Madmoo, she can write a short message and create logos in the froth of a cup of cappuccino with real utensils and tools.

The basic order is for $5, which only includes a simple text message of 8 letters.


9- I will look at your picture and give an opinion

Feeling bored?

Got $5 burning a hole into your pocket?

Want to talk to someone who can give you good advice on grooming your appearance?

This Fiverr gig is the most bizarre among all of these. According to Joanka, “I will look at a picture of you and give you my female opinion about you. Send me your picture and I’ll give you a real and honest opinion.”

The weird part of the gig is that people actually bought and left positive reviews.


10- I Will Present A Viral Press Conference

Want to give your business efforts a boost by hiring a press newsreader? Hire this professional voice actor who will create a press conference video specifically for your business, marketing your services to the masses.

This voice actor will review your script for free and offer script ideas to make your business a success. Now bring your business into the limelight and make an impression on your audience in just $55!


11- I Will Talk, Listen, Or Give Advice About Any Topic

Are you going through a tough time in your life? Do you want to vent out to someone who could provide you with the right advice? You can now pour your heart out to yelli77 in just $10.

According to yelli77, she is a “great listener/problem solver” and can help you release your sorrows and fears in a span of 30 minutes.


12- I Will Record A Professional, American Male Voice Over Narration

Looking for a professional voice actor for your project but can’t because they usually cost a lot and will break your bank?

Deevoice provides superior quality voiceover narrations in just $30! If, however, your script exceeds 1000 words, you may have to contact him for a custom offer. Having more than 3,000 reviews on Fiverr, people from all over the world have been praising him for his outstanding service!


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12 Strange ways to Make Money on Fiverr


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