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Be a Money Saving Boss With These Online Platforms

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Do you believe saving money can be as easy as unwrapping a gift box? Oh no! Don’t roll your eyes yet, the exact number you need for that exotic vacation or your emergency fund can be achieved. Just a little advice… Quit trying to figure it your way, try our ultimate list and thank us later.


If you knew the power small amount of money wields, we bet you’d have taken them more seriously. Acorns is an app that rounds up your card’s purchases to the next dollar, saves the spare change and invests it in a number of ETFs. Once automated if your purchase costs $14.44, Acorns rounds up and saves 56 cents in your account. That’s not all, you get $5 when you sign up and through its “Found Money” partner stores, save money into your account each time you shop. You can save lump sums too, and get about $100 when you refer others.

2. Track Price fall on Your Shopping list

Like most of us, if you dislike shopping for things only to find a drop in price hours or days later, camelcamelcamel is what you need. It tracks prices on Amazon, gives you the last 6 price changes, and helps you predict future price drop. This way, you’ll spend less, buy more, and save more.

3. Spend More and Save More

Yes, you read right.

We know expenses are the major killers of savings, nonetheless, would you pass up the opportunity to spend more on your sweet indulgences and saving more simultaneously. Of course, you won’t! Swagbucks is the magic wand that does the trick, as it gives you points (SB) which can be converted into gift cards and PayPal cash for doing fun things like watching videos, filling surveys, shopping, and browsing. This free cash frees your budget and removes a huge chunk of restrictions from your expenses.

 4.  Cut Off Junk Subscriptions

Subscriptions can be traps for saving less, honestly monitoring them can be tiring. We’ve found out Unroll is the antidote for this super-stressful “keeping-up-with-the-subscriptions”, because when installed it goes through your email subscriptions, identifies junk ones, and allows you unsubscribe on the spot hereby saving more money.

5. Save on high-interest payment

Ditch your credit card debt and its high interest by paying it all off with a loan from LendingClub. With a credit card score of about 600 points, you can borrow $1000-$40,000 and pay an unbelievably low-interest rate and loan re-payment spread over months and years, without pre-payment penalties.  Personally, we’ve used it and can attest to it being a money saver.

Lendkey helps students save money with lower rates on loans. It connects them with borrower-friendly financial institutions, helping them achieve their goals without the hassles of paperwork.

6. Create A Budget With Mint

Not many things can make you embarrassed and unhappy than a bank mail that states your account is overdrawn. Why pull your hair out on your budget, when you can opt for Mint? Mint is a free financial planning tool that links to all your cards and investment, organizes your spending habits into categories, reveals your financial vices, develops a waterproof budget for you. It then enables you to add entries and edit the budget, shows reviews of your spending weekly or monthly, sends notifications of upcoming bills and low balance, gives you saving goals, and imparts salient finance knowledge through its blog.

7. Go Couponing!

Fumbling through paper coupons to save money is so old-fashioned and scouring the web for coupons is time-consuming. Honey is an app that shows you valid coupons and discounts on items in your cart seamlessly, instantly applying them when you checkout, hence saving money and time.

8. Trim Away Unused Subscriptions

Trim is a virtual assistant that identifies recurring subscription charges, digs up hidden and unwanted ones and cancels them on your behalf when permitted. In partnership with Visa, Trim gives you cash back on money spent monthly and alerts you on late fees and low balance. It also snoops on Amazon for you by demanding a refund on your behalf, if there’s a drop in the price of items within seven days of purchase.

Another goody you enjoy is a reduced rate on the services of some companies it collaborates with like Comcast, Spectrum Internet, and some car insurance outfits. Trim sign-up is free but it will charge you 25% of the money it saves for you.

9. Get the Cheapest Prices on Items

Whether you are on a budget or not, Idealo saves you money by assisting you to hunt down and purchase the cheapest prices from goods on online stores like Amazon and eBay in the shortest time possible.  It also features some of the best air flights deals on trips all over the world. It is free and works well on Android, IOS, and Desktop devices.

10. Never Pay Overdraft Fees Again

Finding it hard to keep a track of your expenses? Looking forward to hiring a financial advisor to evaluate your spending? Dave will be your personal financial advisor who will evaluate your expenditure and form an accurate budget, allowing you to boost your savings in the long run. If you are running short on money, Dave can instantly offer you some cash from your next paycheck without requiring any interest payments. Moreover, this fantastic tool will send you an instant alert if you’re spending too much, enabling you to avoid bank overdraft fees.

All you need to do is spend 1 dollar a month to get access to this all-rounder tool that will help you save heaps of money in the long run!

11. Forget About Saving Money

Do you know that with Digit you can save for a well-deserved vacation regardless of your not-so-great income? Its automated saving algorithm analyses your income and spending, and directly withdraws savings into your account with zero efforts from you.  Sign-up for free, and maintain your account monthly with only $2.99. 

12. Get Cash Back on Your Purchases

Paribus ensures you get a refund when there’s a drop in the price of items you have purchased online. When you sign up, it becomes your personal detective. It then scans your emails for receipts, tracks the stores to discover price drops and demands for money back.

The Ibotta app gives you mouthwatering cash back on your shopping expenses. Shop through its app to view products with offers, complete small tasks to get them if need be, purchase items from the indicated store in the right specifications, upload a picture of your receipt, and redeem your offer.  In 7-10 days your account will be credited. In addition, you get rebates when you shop online from stores listed on Ibotta, even without offers.

Read here to find out how this girl recently downloaded Ibotta and save $200 in quick time.

13. Dump Your Pricey Health Insurance Premium

Living without health care insurance is risky and paying the premiums on them no doubt leaves a gaping hole in pockets. eHealthInsurance an online agency offers you over 1000 plans from about 180 health insurance companies and has the cheapest rates ever! Its topnotch customer service ensures you get the right information, and the right package all in the shortest time possible.

14. Earn multiple Incomes to Save More

We found out that Inbox Dollars is one of the juiciest ways to save. Signing up gets you $5, and fulfilling fun tasks like filling surveys, watching TV, redeeming coupons, downloading apps, taking a free language demo class, and getting a free sandwich earns you an additional $30. We’ve got positive reviews, go experience yours!

15. Find The Cheapest Rates Online

PriceBlink knows that finding the best deals on items can take forever, alongside other interesting features it offers to be your comparison shopping assistant. From the comfort of your room, surfing the net with its add-on browser will reveal the prices of your target purchase on all online stores and their reviews.

It allows you to suggest prices you’ll like to pay for your wish list and alerts you once any store sells at that rate. Also, there are loads of digital coupons that you get as freebies and constant update on their validity. What we love most about PriceBlink is its non-intrusiveness on mobile devices as there are no annoying pop-up notifications.


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