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This Girl Recently Downloaded Ibotta And Saved $200 In Quick Time.

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Earning money by spending money. This sounds weird, doesn’t it? Spending on necessities like eatable items is indispensable, but how exciting if you get a few dollars back?

We ran into Stacey Parker, a sophomore student of Physiology at UT Dallas, whose’ s been using Ibotta for four months now. “In the past, coupons were in greater use, but to be honest, who has that much time now”, she says. “Money was tight this past semester… but I was still able to get a flight back to my hometown for my boyfriend’s birthday through some extra stash that I made through Ibotta”.

In this digital world, it safe to assume that coupon clipping is not Millennial’s cup of tea. There are a bunch of apps that are giving the money back on stuff you shop, and the Ibotta is one of them. Let’s dive right into it.

What is Ibotta?

A mobile application that gives you cash back on eligible purchases. Initially, it was designed to pay back on groceries, but with time, they are giving you cash on other things, too. All they want from you is to choose an offer, scan your receipts, and get cash. Seems pretty simple, isn’t it? The Ibotta app even started to pay on online shopping.

Ordinarily, you can earn $3 to $6 on $100-$200 worth spending, but it depends on how much you shop. The minimum withdrawal amount is $20, which you can get by just tapping on a withdraw button, and within five minutes, you will get your money. You can transfer your payments from the Ibotta account to PayPal or Venmo. They offer you to convert your cash into a gift card as they have a large variety of them.

How does it Work? 

Well, the Ibotta collects the information on your purchases as a market survey or research that how buyers think of the products (that is why the app asks a few short questions to unlock the offers). Then they sell the data to brands so that they improve their services, products, and adjust their prices according to buyers’ preferences. They make money this way and share part of their earnings with the users as a reward for using the app.

The Ibotta app works in three ways, and these are:

  1. Send Receipts
  2. Link a Loyalty Card
  3. Mobile In-App Purchases


Send Receipts

The steps to use the Ibotta app by sending receipts are simple and understandable even for beginners. All you need is to:

  • Download the app. Android and iOS supported.
  • Get yourself registered with either Facebook or email ID free of cost.
  • Then redeem receipts by tapping on the Find Rebates tab that is placed at the underside of the application.
  • Explore your offer by browsing the index of Rebates. They are offering to give cash back on groceries, pharmacy goods, mobile shopping, clothing, alcohol, electronics, convenience, specialty items, crafts and gifts, restaurants, beauty and wellness, and few others.
  • Pick your offer, initiate it, then tap on the Redeem button, and take a full-sized snap of your receipt.
  • You will get money in your Ibotta account in 48 hours or even less sometimes through PayPal or Venmo.

Link a Loyalty Card

The second method through which you can get paid is to join your store loyalty account (connect with either your card or phone number).  Few stores such as Lowes Foods and Rite Aid have teamed up with Ibotta and have integrated the Ibotta technology with their loyalty programs. Many more are joining the bandwagon.

The rest of the process is similar to the sending receipts (find your offer, go shopping, use the card, and get your cash in your account).


It is the excellent method to earn some money. All you have to do is to:

  • Browse the cash back offers from the top-rated apps.
  • Next, launch the app by tapping on the Shop button.
  • Then do your favorite part of the process, Shopping. Your purchases must fulfill the criteria to get cash back. That’s it.


Pro Tip # 1: If you’re shopaholic and love to buy things often, it is probably the best thing for you to combine it with couponing. Though the coupons take extra time, they will get you a fair amount in a short time.

Pro Tip # 2: If shopping at Walmart, then instead of taking pictures of the entire receipt, use the QR code at the bottom of receipt for easy redemption.

Pro Tip # 3: Best time to look for new offers is on Wednesday afternoon.

Pro Tip # 4: Download today to earn $10 sign-up bonus.


The Ibotta has plenty of pros like:

  • The biggest strength is that it is a secure and legit application, which works for real.
  • You will get cash instead of online made up coins, points, or other currencies.
  • With recent updates, Ibotta is offering rebates on items other than groceries like household items, store brands, etc.
  • Many of the similar apps are confusing somehow, but Ibotta is simple to use that you will need to spend only one or two minutes.
  • The app doesn’t grant you money on items but also gives you bonuses every week. For instance, it will give you $5 on eight redeem and $2 on every five redeem.


The Ibotta app also has a few drawbacks, and these are:

  • Watching commercials – but they are only a few seconds long.
  • $20 minimum cash out bonus.
  • Receipts expire after one week.
  • The temptation to buy other stuff. Don’t get carried away when you see discounts, deals, and bonuses on rebates. Just be mindful of that.
  • Taking a picture of long receipts can be a hassle sometimes.



  • Grocery stores such as H-E-B, Albertsons, Costco, Dollar General, Kroger, Tom Thumb and Walmart.
  • Electronic retailers such as Best Buy and Fry’s Electronics.
  • Drugstores such as CVC and Walgreens.
  • Apparel stores such as the Banana Republic, Under Armour, Famous Footwear, JCPenney, Macy’s, and GAP.
  • Gas stations such as 7-Eleven, QuikTrip, and RaceTrac
  • Beauty and Wellness stores such as Ulta, Sephora, GNC, and L’Occitane.
  • Online booking websites such as,, and
  • Other specialty stores such as Amazon, Groupon, eBay, PetSmart, Ticketmaster

Is it worth joining the Ibotta app or not?

There is no such thing as a free meal. Well, now there is, Ibotta! Just download here and give it a try. It is a much better option to save money than many other similar apps.

A Word of Caution.

Just keep buying what you buy on regular basis and don’t overspend when you see something that is offering more cash back.


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