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Ignite Your Inner Peace Through These Hacks

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Life’s stressors can make even the brightest days seem overcast. Because of the nagging responsibilities associated with adulting, inner peace and tranquility might feel miles away. But take heart. The law of attracting inner peace is on your side.

Here are some tips for gaining serenity in the midst of being pushed to the limits:

1- Speak to the mountain.

Louise Hay, adorned self-help author, and motivator, has built her empire from the belief of the power of positive words. This practice is also universally known as operating in the Law of Attraction. Positive self-talk, known as affirmations, contain dynamic subconscious power. Consider this act as being a form of moral support coming from your inner man.

When times get rough, find the strength to remind yourself of your capabilities. The world will relentlessly beat you down if you allow it but with positive affirmations, your mind can equip you with the willpower to move circumstantial mountains.

If outside environments leave you feeling inadequate, consider repeating this phrase: “All that I seek is already within me.” Are you discouraged by a dead end job? Tell yourself, “Abundance freely flows through me.”

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2- Tune in

Sometimes, the easiest way to zen out is through musical wavelengths.

It has been scientifically proven that the right song with a calming melody has the ability to lower one’s blood pressure and soothing tunes can even ease physical pain. A prime example is a song titled Weightless by Marconi Union. Another audible way to relax is by listening to tranquil nature sounds.

Check out The Silent Watcher channel on YouTube and take a breather with the sound of a waterfall in the background.


3- Press the reboot button 

Stress and anxiety can manifest in both emotional and physical ailments. It is important to remember that your body works together, simultaneously, like a fine-tuned machine.

No oil in the tank can lock up a whole engine and kill a car. In the same sense, lack of inner peace can actually make you sick. Detoxing one’s body from harmful chemicals is a key habit to create emotional balance.

One of the simplest forms of detox is by drinking half your body weight in ounces of water. Proper hydration is vital to optimal health.

Another example would be a detoxifying bath recipe filled with epsom salts, all natural essential oils, and baking soda.


4- Attitude of gratitude

It might sound like a cliché but finding something to be grateful for is a sure fire way towards getting steps closer to enlightenment. Energy is all around us and you have the decision to see the positive or the negative.

By strategically choosing to notice and call out the good things in your life, your brain will begin to hardwire itself into focusing on the bright side instead of a gloomy mentality.

It is evident that dealing with life on life’s terms will, at some point, way you down.

Even though chaotic scenarios may arise, take a moment to breathe, reboot, and encourage yourself until inner peace is found.

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