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Money’s Not Hard To Find Online, Get Creative With These Ideas

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We know you’ll like to pad your account with a steady income through easy and flexible jobs. Here are creative ways to make money online without sacrificing your comfort.

1- Walk Dogs…Walk into Money

Love some pup awesomeness?

Rover allows you to turn your passion into income. Dog owners go on vacations and have emergencies too. If you’ve got want it takes to walk or care for man’s furry best friend, rove into Rover to make as much as $1000 monthly, even on a part-time basis after Rover’s 25% cut.

Sign up, get accepted after thorough checks, and put a price on your bookings.  Bingo! You are good to go.

If you are a sucker for creating your own work schedule, WagWalking may be what you are looking for. You take a little stress off the dog owner’s shoulders, walk their dogs and bring a happy puppy home to them.

There are tons of perfect schedules for you with prices that are just great! Love an exciting day? Just walk with Wag!

2- Air your hospitality

If you have a spare room, or the courage to let strangers into your home, and a knack for being a delightful host to people, then you are on your way to earning thousands through Airbnb.

It is the largest space for hiring accommodation which gives people the best deals with perks than what regular hotels would offer.

Make a listing without any cost, attract tourists or weekenders, and use a few tips and hacks like free breakfast or a discount for referrals to keep the cash rolling in.

3- Make money with your old emails

Having a price adjustment assistant is a no-brainer because, after purchase, price often drops.

Paribus knows retail stores owe you money, and with access to your email and credit/debit cards, it scans through your emails for receipts of purchases and instantly asks for a refund for you which is sent directly to your account.

4- Get side gigs to augment your income

Side gigs are not difficult, getting them is, but ShiftGig is the answer.

It connects you with hourly work on demand jobs from businesses that seek quality workers and then pays directly into your account.

You’ve definitely got a skill that events and companies in your local area need, and with about 13 metro markets and countless nationwide opportunities ShiftGig will keep you busy and give you the life and work balance you crave.

5- Love driving-make money while at it

If you have a driver’s license and would love to be paid instantly for the work you do, we think being an Uber driver is perfect for you! Anywhere and whenever make money taking people to their destinations, and here’s a little pro-tip, earn a little extra by selling or marketing things while driving.

Become a road warrior and earn money with Lyft all at your pace. Currently, it is testing an all month access plan for constant riders, get in there now as the rush is madder than ever!

6- Earn fivers by doing crazy things

Want a global space where you can get paid for doing crazy things like prank calls, popping balloons, singing birthday songs in funny ways, texting lonely people, showing your feet, drinking water, screaming, writing words using pasta and a host of others? Fiverr is the place for you, and it only takes %10 from your earnings.

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7- Get paid to lose weight

Achievement will give you cash for doing yourself a favor by keeping fit, track your fitness activities via its app and earn big.

Bet on your ability to lose weight with others through DietBet, and win a sizeable part of the pot when you reach your goals.

Walgreens offers mouthwatering cash for a series of health checks and activities, you get your dream body and money as pat on the back for a job well done.

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8- Start investing small amounts

Acorns rounds up your card’s purchases to the next dollar and put your spare change in ETFs to yield turnovers.

In line with your financial capabilities and risk level, Stash allows you to invest as small as $5 in ETFs, and at any frequency you choose.

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9- Fill Surveys

Use your spare time to answer surveys on brands and businesses via Swagbucks to earn money and gift vouchers.

Mysurvey rewards you for airing your opinion in its market research questions and specifically matches you with surveys that revolve around your profiled interests.

Redeem your points for cash or gift certificates, when you complete questioners on OpinionOutpost.

10- Mine coins with your PC

Would you like your computer paying you back for purchasing it?

Winminer will ensure it does, as it makes use of unused computing power to mine altcoins. It helps your PC detect lucrative coins to mine, puts it to work with the best software, collects mined digital coins, and converts them into USD to forestall coin value decline.

$10 is its minimum withdrawal and it cuts %3 off it, more importantly, it stops the PC from mining when you work.

11- Run errands

Many people hate running their own errands, and if you’ll enjoy doing odd jobs, sign up on TaskRabbit.

As a tasker, you get to do all sorts of fun and serious jobs, from watering gardens to doing constructions without the fear of being cheated of your money. There are unending job demands, and you are at freedom to name your price.

Want to bring relief to people from overwhelming errands? Be a tasker.

12- Tweet for cash

Turn your huge twitter following to money with, as it pays you to run ads on your Twitter timeline per tweet or click.

Make money promoting the content of businesses on your twitter handle, using Sponsoredmentions. However, you need to have a least 5000 active Twitter followers to get accepted into their program.

PaidPerTweet. is another platform where you can create buzz for companies or businesses that may hire you. Your massive twitter following can be used to get paid for every tweet. Set your own price to tweet just about anything to your audience.

13- Be a search engine evaluator

From the comfort of your home, work for Appen to evaluate search engines. If you have web design skills, a PC, and a speedy internet, sign up and partake in the 3 part interview to be recruited.

Earn $13 to $18  hourly by reviewing web search results, and rating them according to their relevance on Appen’s site. Most of the time it lets you choose the flexibility of your work hours, but bear in mind that you must pass the online assessment first.

Search their directory for more online jobs that may interest you.

 Lionbridge, another such company, hires you to independently work as a search engine result assessor. The job involves analyzing and providing feedback on web pages, images and other information for search engines.

You can work for a minimum of 10 hours and a maximum of 20 hours per week, and no cut is taken off your earnings.

Job Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or GED Qualification.
  • Must be living in the US for the past 5 years.

14- Are You An Avid Andriod Device User?

Are you willing to download apps on your Andriod smartphone through Google Play Store? If yes, then click here to find out how you can earn money by evaluating and providing feedback on product quality and online search results.

This opportunity is perfect for people who want flexible hours and love the freedom to “work on the go”.

Job Requirements:

  • Must be an active Gmail user.
  • Own an Andriod smartphone.
  • Fluent in written and verbal English language.
  • Must be highly tech-savvy and willing to download apps.
  • Must be living in the US the past 3 years.

15- Start Tutoring

Put your brains and passion to see students excel to work by applying on Schooltutoring as a tutor. It develops learning techniques tailored to the specific academic needs of students and boasts of several offline placements that will sure fatten your pocket.

Use Wyzant to advertise your services to a wide range of people near your location, and get hired online to teach subjects you are an expert at. Its good online reputation and scholarship schemes will ensure that the streams of jobs are steady.

The only downside that we found with this platform is that it takes about 40% of the tutor’s charge if hours worked are less than 20 (per week). The commission percentage keeps on decreasing as the billable hours’ increase.

The word EDUpreneur is cool, isn’t it? That’s what Skooli intends on transforming you into if you become its online tutor. You hone your skills in the best environment possible and earn $25 hourly which can be paid through PayPal when you reach a threshold of $100.

Preply is a language learning site which connects learners to tutors. You choose your rates, tutor via Skype or meet up with students personally, and get charged 18% to 33% by Preply depending on the hours you’ve taught. Sign up is free, and payment is made through PayPal, Skrill or Payoneer.

16- Invest in real estate and reap long-term benefits

Flaunting different properties options to choose from with small to large amounts, RealityShares lets you invest in real estate, think through your decision within a 30-day window, track it, and receive a distribution in your account monthly if you made an equity investment, or quarterly if it’s a debt investment.

Fundrise runs four online portfolios which you can invest $500-1000 minimum in; Starter Portfolio, Supplemental Income plan, Balanced Investing Plan and Long-Term Growth Plan.

Like long-term returns? Then Fundrise is just right for you!

17- Let you Car Make money for you

What if we were to tell you that it is quite possible to earn more than $6,501 a year just by renting out your car?

Though the idea of letting a complete stranger drive your car might seem cringe-worthy, but if your car is insured against any and all damages, what have you really got to lose?

Turo has helped millions of people earn a living by renting their car whilst also offering insurance against any physical damages.

Not only do they allow you to track the mileage of your car, but you can also remotely lock it when needed. All in all, it is a win-win situation!

Making money involves smart moves and not just hard work, live and earn smart by making use of these opportunities.

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