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5 Ultimate Weight Loss Apps: Get Paid For Keeping Fit.

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Perhaps you have zero motivation to lose weight this summer because you think you won’t binge, take it from us, the calories will pile up faster than you can blink. The leisure, adventures and carnival treats will leave you screaming when you climb the scale. Want a cheerleader? These weight loss apps will pay you to burn that extra fat, so it’s a win-win situation for you.


Get paid to do the healthy things you should naturally be doing with Achievement. If your determination to keep fit and make healthy choices burns out quicker than a matchstick, all the motivation you need to succeed is what Achievement offers. Connecting with over 30 health apps, it tracks your fitness activities like jogging, eating right, working out and sharing your results online. Points are awarded for maintaining a healthy lifestyle which can later be converted into cash.


Has anyone paid you a salary for shedding the weight that makes you feel less attractive? Good news! HealthyWage would. With an entry fee of about $25, challenge yourself or others at a cost you can afford and the timeframe most comfortable for you, and be a part of numerous persons who have been rewarded handsomely for winning. Filling the HealthyWage Prize Calculator with your information tells you upfront how much you’ll cash in, and you will be paid through check, via PayPal, or an Amazon credit.  Referring others also earns you extra $60-$80.


Want to bet on your ability to lose weight, challenge your naysayers, and make cool cash while doing so? Dietbet beckons on you! To start with, opt for either the Kickstarter (4% loss in 4 weeks) or Transformer games (10% loss in 6 months), put money in the community pot, send in your starting weight, and after the weight loss duration has expired, you split the pot with other winners. Not winning is almost impossible as Dietbet gives you weight loss tips, and well-wishers can cheer you on.


Does getting mouthwatering rewards for the little healthy things you do sound fascinating? Walgreens’ balance rewards program is certainly a money maker. Link a health app to it and earn 250 points, log in walking, running, sleeping and cycling activities for 20 points daily, check your blood glucose and test your blood pressure to get 20 points each day. Doing your weigh in earns you 20 points, and a making a goal to quit smoking gives you 250 points, and an extra 250 when it is achieved. These points take money off purchases, and they don’t expire until after a year. Aren’t you grinning from ear to ear at these unbelievable rewards? Hurry! Go get the Walgreens app.


Calories can give you digital money. Come on! Don’t be a doubting Thomas, through Bitshare platform turn your calories to cash by linking your most liked fitness trackers to the FitCoin app on your iPhone. Thereafter trade your earned Fitcoin for Bitcoin and then convert to cash directly into your bank account, or purchase items from the FitCoin store with it.

Your dream body can be a reality, quit whining and try out these apps to make money while losing the weight you so dread.


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