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Here Is Your Chance To Work For Amazon

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Amazon is an e-commerce giant. It has developed its business massively, moving to open a second US Based headquarters beside Seattle. What if we tell you business titan is seeking employees to work from home? Yes! Amazon is looking for about 200 online workers for various vacancies. With over 575,000 employees already working full-time and part-time for the retail giant, it is still looking to expand its workforce.

Up until now, Amazon had a relatively small virtual workforce. Although the business has worked to expand these opportunities, it hasn’t made much progress in this sector in the previous years. Conventionally, such workers were hired seasonally. When the workload escalated, home-based workers helped hold up the extra work. However, the business has finally provided a heap of vacancies for the virtual workers.

Amazon has recently uprated 237 vacancies for work-from-home candidates. The details are published on their official site. Most of them are full-time except for two part-time vacancies. The jobs are available for people across the US, UK, Germany, and Costa Rica. Employees will get the Amazon perks along with the job package. These include medical and dental insurance plans and official leaves. Prospective employees can also expect savings on products from Amazon among other usual company benefits. 401k is also part of the package.

So What Kind Of Jobs Are Available?

The vacancies are scattered over a wide area of expertise. Clearly, Amazon is looking to hire assistance in quite a number of departments, particularly sales, customer service and human resources. Some of the popular vacancies that you will find include the vacancy for a Device Market Manager. Amazon Echo, kindle and fire TV are popular devices that revolutionized how we look at machines. This department needs a market manager from the Milwaukee area. They will join the team to improve sales and develop marketing strategies.

You can also try working as an Amazon call center agent from home. The business recruits home-based workers for these positions as well as certain tech jobs as well. Payment is on an hourly basis for full and part-time workers (minimum 20 hours per week). To be eligible you need to be in the requested state. Sometimes there is on-site training in your city too!

You can apply for call center management vacancy. For that, you need to have a bachelor’s degree. A higher degree is preferable. Someone with an experience of 2 years as a manager can apply. Some other vacancies are Employee Relations manager. A post for Cloud software development designer is available too. All of these are challenging positions. Therefore, you need a good resume to claim the title.

There are different salary packages for different posts. For instance, the call center job pays $10 an hour. There are incentives and bonuses, however, the main pay rate remains constant. The job has different shifts. Keeping these things in mind, you can earn a handsome salary from your work-from-home.

All in all, Amazon is opening to the virtual network. This is a promising step towards establishing an online workforce. Yes, there are some difficulties. However, the retail giant seems prepared to face all the challenges.

Anyway, do take a look. Who knows, your next job might be at Amazon and that too from the comfort of your bedroom. Good luck!


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